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Supply Chain Sustainability Management Training

In the last few decades, the concept of corporate social responsibility has been developing very dynamically. According to this concept, companies take responsible not only for the economic and legal aspect of their activity, but they also take into account social, ethical and environmental issues.
Introducing the principles of responsible business is one of the advantages that companies gain a competitive advantage. A transparent corporate social responsibility policy may be one of the ways to build a strong position on the market. The aim of the training is to present the issue of sustainable supply chain management as one of the elements of corporate social responsibility and the model of cooperation in the market, where profit is achieved with respect for social aspects and environmental protection.

The training is addressed to the managerial staff, people working in the Logistics and Purchases Department and others interested in the subject of sustainable development.

Training plan

1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – definition, elements and scope
2. Sustainable development - strategies and theories.
3. Model Triple Bottom Line.
4. Sustainable supply chain management as an element of implementing social responsibility.
5. The Global Reporting Initiative GRI.
6. Description of key OEM requirements (BMW, VW, GM, Ford) for sustainable supply chain management.
7. Self-Assessment Questionnaire on CSR / Sustainability for Automotive Sector Supplier as an indicator of social responsibility maturity.
8. ISO 26000, ISO 20400 and BS8903 standard in the context of sustainable development.
9. Transparency of the supply chain in practice.
10. Sustainable development as an integral part of the corporate strategy.
11. Best practice.





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