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Product Compliance

The system of ensuring compliance with legal requirements and regulations is an inseparable element of a well-functioning company. An effective compliance system must be integrated with the organization's business objectives and present at each level. A well-functioning compliance system gives a big advantage to the company's competitiveness and distinguishes it on the market. It indirectly influences on the activity of the whole company.

The training is addressed to people working in the department of Logistics, Purchase, Quality, people responsible for meeting legal requirements and all others interested in product compliance process.


The aim of the training is to comprehensively present legal requirements and obligations resulting from the REACH regulation as well as the RoHS2 and RoHS3 directives and conflict-free sourcing of minerals to which manufacturers and importers of articles are subject to.


During two-days training the methods and tools used for verification of materials and manufactured products in terms of their compliance with these regulations will be presented.  The tools for communication with suppliers and customers, as well as tools to facilitate verification and analysis of information received from suppliers will be discuss. The ways to monitor changes in legal regulations and their interpretation will be presented.

Training plan:


1. Defining requirements and legal obligations for manufacturers, importers and entities placing the product on the European market.
2. REACH Regulation - purpose, scope and responsibilities.
3. Role in the supply chain, safety data sheets and exposure scenarios.
4. RoHS2 and RoHS3 directive guidelines.
5. RoHS2 and RoHS3 directive in the world.
6. Polish legal regulations implementing RoHS2 and RoHS3 directive and REACH regulation.
7. Requirements and consequences resulting from the RoHS2, RoHS3 and REACH regulations.
8. Practical aspects of the RoHS2, RoHS3 and REACH directives.
9. Problems and consequences of classifying products to a given product group.

Day 2:

1. The Dodd-Frank Act and the legal requirements for conflict free sourcing.
2. Guidelines of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and rules for the due diligence process.
3. Conflict Minerals in the EU – legal requirements.
4. Overview of tools used for communication with suppliers and customers.
5. Review of tools used for verification and analysis of received information from suppliers.
6. Verification of used materials in terms of their compliance with applicable legal regulations.
7. Verification of manufactured products in terms of their compliance with legal requirements
8. Preparation of documents and declarations of conformity.
9. New Approach Directives.
10. EU Declaration of Conformity, CE marking and RoHS2 and RoHS3 directives.
11. Methods of monitoring and tracking changes in regulations.
12.Procedures to ensure compliance with legal requirements in the company.
13.Monitoring and evaluation of the system's effectiveness.






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