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Terms of trainings

Terms of trainings and Workshop Organization

§ 1
1. CSProf obliges to carry out training workshops for the benefit of the Ordering Party as specified in
the order form.
2. Change of the timetable and training workshops scope requires written consent under the clause of

§ 2
1. Training participation prerequisites:
a) sending a signed and completed (company stamp required) order form of the training at:
b) punctual payment mentioned in §3.

§ 3
1. In exchange for training/workshops organization, CSProf is entitled to receive the payment defined
in the order.
2. The invoice issued by CSProf after the training is finished will be used as the basis for the payment.
3. The VAT amount will be added to the net price in accordance with current law.
4. The Ordering Party entitles to effect a payment by transfer at the following account number:
PL 51 1050 1748 1000 0090 7633 6107 within the time specified on the invoice.
5.The Ordering Party authorizes CSProf to issue the VAT invoice without the client signature.
6. CSProf obliges to make out the invoice for the order execution within 7 days of the end of the

§ 4
1. CSProf has the following duties:
a) ensuring well-qualified workshop specialist/trainer;
b) training workshops program preparation and its execution;
c) providing accommodation necessary to carry out the training workshops unless the ordering party
decides differently;
d) providing each workshop participant with individual computer station equipped with hardware and
software necessary for the training execution unless the ordering party decides differently.
2. CSProf is not responsible for the attendance of participants indicated by the Ordering Party.
CSProf specialist/trainer will carry out training workshops according to the schedule regardless of all
participants’ attendance. All or few participants’ absenteeism does not constitute the basis for payment
reduction or carrying out additional, free training workshops for the absent persons if the
specialist/trainer was prepared to conduct workshops at the agreed time.
3. Specialized software, materials and scripts provided by CSProf within the framework of workshops
execution are at CSProf disposal and come under protection according to the intellectual property law.
In connection with the above, the Ordering Party obliges not to perform the following actions:
a) modification, adaptation, change, linking or translation of materials or creating similar works on their
b) rental, sale or any other way of forwarding materials to the third party;
c) copying or any other replication of materials without the written consent of CSProf.

§ 5
1.Each party is entitled to change the workshop date without taking the consequences of this action
not later than 5 working days before its start in case of appearance of serious technical or
organizational problems causing the training of a given group impossible or difficult to happen.
2. Information on training workshops cancellation requires a written form and should be directed to the
person responsible for the training execution indicated in the order form.
3. The cancelling party proposes a new date of the cancelled training.
Order of workshop / training
CSProf, ul. Kamienna 75/5, 59-300 Lubin, Tel. + 48 888 670 770, info@csprof.pl, rev.1 20.01.2011
VAT Reg. No. 692-225-60-01, REGON 021374939 Page 3 / 3
The date should be agreed by both parties within 10 days from the day the planned workshops were
to happen.
4. In case of workshops cancellation by one of the parties with violation of section 1 or 2, the party
responsible for it is obliged to call on the other party to pay the agreed penalty to the amount of 25%
net price of the order’s value.
5. Representatives mentioned in the form are entitled to cancel or change the workshop date.

§ 6
1. In case of no other regulations to this agreement, the parties bear the insurance responsibility for
damages resulting from wrong execution or no execution of this Agreement in accordance with the
rules defined in the Civil Code taking the following into consideration:
a) no execution or wrong execution of the commitment results from deliberate fault of one of the
parties, this party bears responsibility to the full extent of the damage;
b) no execution or wrong execution of the commitment results from other reasons than deliberate fault
of a given party, this party’s responsibility is limited to the value of the paid payment mentioned in § 2.

§ 7
1. All documents, information and decisions concerning the order are confidential and can be used
only by the parties with the aim of training execution.
2. The parties will make an effort towards their employees and other persons involved in the order’s
execution to ensure documents and information confidentiality.
3. The parties reserve the right to inform third parties about the cooperation fact for advertisement or
references purposes.
4. This regulation has been in force since 15 November 2010 until further notice or new revision introduced by CSProf.


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