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IMDS Trainings

IMDS – International Material Data System

Introduction of regulations on recycling and re-releasing of old cars forced cars producers to create the IMDS. Cars producers and their suppliers connected to this database have access to the information of materials used in the automotive industry, thus they are capable of fulfilling the environment safety and recycling requirements.

The IMDS allows defining detailed documentation of all materials used in the automotive industry – within the base structure in the form of data sheet – complete chain of supplies. The basis ensures a perfect management and filing system. All these elements enable cars producers and their suppliers to fulfil the local and international directives and legal requirements of recycling.

We offer our clients essential knowledge and assistance in IMDS usage at work. With your help, we guarantee to keep trade secrets.

We carry them out according to our defined training plan table. Depending on the user’s needs, we offer basic one-day trainings or additionally, two-day trainings for advanced users.

At your request, we organize individual trainings adjusted to company’s needs. Together we create the training program, discuss duration and place.

We also offer individual assistance with using IMDS at work. We advise and help in case of problems with IMDS usage.


We offer you assistance in system implementation depending on the company’s needs, taking the organizational and structural conditions, technical conditions, system conditions and information management process into account.

Depending on your needs, we offer base management from the administrator’s perspective (comprehensive) and assistance in introducing data, PPAP parts, suppliers’ management, clients and projects management. We ensure reliable and term completion of the activities commissioned.

At your request we deal with the suppliers’ management process, namely, approval or denial of sheets, supervision and making sure suppliers keep the deadlines. We organize meetings with suppliers with the aim of more effective base management and preparation of complete high-quality data sheets.

If your company produces any components or materials, we willingly take over the duty of material data introduction on your behalf. We will only need the information of “ingredients” of your product. We guarantee that the sheets prepared by us will be of high quality, will meet the client’s requirements and will be completed and sent on time.

We ensure your clients will receive the complete and high quality material sheets on time. We will make sure they are created in accordance with client’s requirements and meet their expectations. Within the framework of new projects, we ensure term completion of prototype sheets (if required) as well as submitting PPAP according to requirements and dates specified by your client. As far as your involvement is concerned, we expect cooperation with a person responsible for a particular client or new projects in case of new projects.


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